Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My potential downfall

I think I made a mistake today. I messaged Swift and told her about this blog. I gave her the address. I haven't said anything about Swift that is going to get me into trouble with her. I think I have said that she is cute and that she appears very dateable. No, the problem is with TheWriter. I have no idea if Swift will read this blog or if she will tell TheWriter the address or any of the information within this blog. I certainly don't want to hurt TheWriter's feelings. I think she is a really cool girl and I enjoy being friends with her. The real reason I told Swift is cause Swift has basically told me there is no chance she will go on a date with me. I disagree. If one of my buddies liked a girl and she didn't like him back but was interested in me, I would absolutely go out with her. I would be upset at my friend if he thought otherwise. I am not stealing from my friend, I am merely using what they are unable to use. With limited resources available, efficiency becomes extremely important.

Notes: Tonight I am going to a basketball game with Bean. I met Bean on the cruise. She is a super cool girl - very laid back. RunsWithScissors and his date are going with us. Should be lots of fun. I asked Arches out today but she already had plans. I just feel a bit compelled to at least see if Arches and I would have fun together.

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  1. I really think that from now on you shouldn't tell any girls that you have dated about the blog. I think that it is only setting you up for trouble!