Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Acknowledged Relationship

On Friday night, Mya and I took her little brother out to dinner.  Her sister was supposed to come as well but canceled at the last minute.  After dinner, Mya and I went to a bar with Platinum.  The moment we got there, I started feeling super tired.  I had just about had enough of Platinum for the evening.  Even though she was in the happiest mood that I had ever seen her in, my patience was just wearing thin.  Mya immediately noticed it and became very worried that I was upset at her.  I guess I kinda was, just a little, for being such good friends with Platinum and getting me involved in situations with trashy people that I wasn't always excited about being involved in.  

See, the night before while we were at the baseball game, Platinum wasn't feeling well.  So she drove to the emergency room (but not the one that is close to her apartment, that would make too much sense, she had to drive to one clear across town).  Then, we had to take LittlePlatinum up there after the game.  And now, only 1 day later, Platinum was going out to a bar?  After sitting down for a little bit and having a big glass of water, I calmed down and stopped worrying about it so much.  Still, there were a couple of times while we were sitting there that I thought to myself "What have I gotten myself into?"  

On Saturday, I met up with Mya and LittleMya and Platinum and LittlePlatinum at Platinum's ex-husband's apartment complex pool.  It was fun, albeit a bit trashy.  And LittlePlatinum was super clingy while we were there.  Mya and I both think that LittlePlatinum has been getting much brattier lately and we are both concerned.  Mya thinks we shouldn't plan any activities with LittlePlatinum for awhile.  It kinda feels like with LittlePlatinum's family situation, no matter what we do, she is going to just get more screwed up.  

On Sunday, I went over to Mya's for a movie.  We had a real great discussion while sitting on her front lawn looking at the moon.  We talked about going exclusive (since some people had referred to me as her boyfriend and to her as my girlfriend) and basically decided that we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  It was nice and just felt very natural.  So for the moment, Mya and I are in an acknowledged relationship!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Sunday was Mya's little brother's mission farewell.  So we met up and headed to church.  It was fun.  He gave a great talk and I got to meet some of Mya's family (and play with LittleMya).  I think most of them liked me (although only one of her siblings was there - but she hasn't said anything bad about me yet, which Mya says is a very good sign).  Playing with the kids (some cousins) at the house after wore me out though!  I am used to being the fun uncle that can show up, rile the kids up, and then leave when I get tired.

On Monday, for Memorial day, I gave Mya a list of potential activities that her and LittleMya and I could do.  LittleMya chose a rodeo.  It ended up being a lot of fun.  LittleMya and I had a lot of fun together; she kept wanting to sit on my lap or sit between Mya and I.  I am not sure exactly how much to involve LittleMya in our dating.  I want her to get to know me and we definitely have fun playing together.  But when she gets tired, she becomes very shy with me and doesn't want me to give her any attention.  Mya says it's just her being a 3 year old.

On Thursday, Milo, MrsMilo, LittleMrsMilo, Mya, LittleMya, LittlePlatinum and I went to a baseball game.  It was fun (although the kids mostly just wanted to run around on the grass, they didn't care that a baseball game was going on).  The kids basically see me as a jungle gym and they are constantly climbing on me.  They had a balloon and I ended up blowing it up at least 10 times so that they could each have a turn holding it and letting it go to watch it zip around as the air was released.  LittlePlatinum was particularly bratty that night.  I really think she doesn't get enough attention at home.  But at times, it made me wonder if I have what it takes to be a good father.  It definitely made me worry a little about being thrust into fatherhood and whether I could handle it day in and day out.  Still, I had a lot of fun with Mya.  We have lots to talk about and we already have a bunch of inside jokes.