Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My date with Belle went very well. Just about as well as I could have hoped. So why am I so nervous? Well, I saw Belle at church on Sunday, she isn't in my ward but she came to see a friend and was surprised to see me. I was so nervous to see her. Why? I am not sure I can explain. So I talked to her but I still had butterflies in my stomach two hours later. We agreed to hang out on Wednesday. And then I am taking her to the Taylor Swift concert one week from today. So boom, just like that, dates 2 and 3.

I have been doing all I can to keep my actions in check. For one, I didn't kiss her on Friday night. I think I might have had an opening and I ignored it. For another, I wanted to send her flowers today at work. But I avoided it. I also was going to send her a text just after seeing her at church but I waited until later that night. Furthermore, I thought about buying her a Taylor Swift CD last night at Walmart in preparation for the concert. It's pretty obvious that I have a tendency to overdo things early on. When she told me her dream car on our date, I almost blurted out that if we ended up together, I would buy her that car.

Anyway, I managed to avoid smothering her. My motto for all of this is "Why not me? Why not now?"

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I rushed to get out of band practice last night to pick up Ariel. I had originally told her I would pick her up at 9 but I texted her to see if 9:30 would work and she said ok. We needed the extra band time, I did not practice the songs enough. Anyway, so while driving over to Ariel's place, she called me to ask if it would be ok if she canceled. What am I supposed to say? "No, that would not be ok. You are going to come hang out with me whether you like it or not!" So I said sure.

I don't think I was a pushover though. She had a decent excuse. She had a root canal earlier that day, her teeth hurt, she was tired, and she had to get up early the next morning. Ha ha, how many times have I heard that exact excuse? Honestly, it's ok though. Because tomorrow is my date with Belle. I can't even explain how excited I am about this one. When I got off the phone with her on Sunday, I was freaking giddy.

I am way nervous about the date though. I have been out on well over 200 first dates and I still get nervous; I think that means I like her.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current Dating Situation

Tonight I have a date. Lets call her Ariel. I met Ariel at a party about 6 months ago. We talked and got along quite well but I didnt seal the deal. Come to find out a few days later, she had a boyfriend! But, all is well in the world, they broke up. This will be our second date and our third hang-out. I am not sure if I can even call tonight a date. She is coming over to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

Now, most people would interpret her coming over to watch a movie as an invitation to make out. I really don't intend to kiss her tonight. First off, Ariel and I click but I am not sure yet if there is magic there. Second, I have an upcoming date on Friday. Lets call her Belle.

The thing about Belle is that when we talk on the phone, I feel so comfortable around her. And yeah, she is very pretty. She says the word 'cute' a lot, and when she says it about me, well, I like it. I have only met Belle on two different occasions. Both times, she was at work. But I just feel closer to Belle than I do to Ariel.

But, back to Ariel. If I kiss Ariel tonight, then the rules of Karma say that Belle will lose interest in me on Friday. Am I just counting my chickens before they have hatched?

My first blog EVER!

Although it might feel routine, let me begin by stating the motivation for this blog. My friend Holly writes a blog which is quite refreshing. She writes almost every day and even asked me to write a guest blog for her. Unfortunately, I was busy with work and was just a crappy friend, so it never was written. However, I will have her guest post on this, since I am sure that initially, she will be the only one that will read it.

That said, I am going to write about dating. The names are hopefully changed to protect people. At least thats what Holly (lets call her Evangeline) says. And when it comes to blogging, Evangeline is a name we can all trust.

As an introduction, I am an attorney at a small law firm. I am 28 currently, single, and Mormon.