Monday, February 20, 2012

Quidditch and Skyrim

On Thursday I had a blind date with Keys. Her brother is in my ward and wanted to set us up. We doubled with him and his wife. I don't double date with married couples that often, and this was probably an isolated incident, but the married couple seemed to only talk about themselves the whole night. Since Keys and I knew both of them very well and knew their kids, it was definitely a great place to start the conversation. However, halfway through dinner, I realized that Keys hadn't asked me a single question during dinner. We weren't getting to know each other, we were getting to know the married couple. My interest in Keys was mild at best. She is cute but I am not sure we had anything in common. And anyone that knows me knows that I really struggle going out with girls that are older than me.

On Friday, I had set up an epic event. Lolita and I were going out on a double date with my new friends Quidditch and Skyrim. For the record, I had never met Quidditch or Skyrim. I was worried; would they be cool? Would I be cool? Would Lolita be cool? Things started out awkward enough. We said our hellos but I felt like none of us really knew how to act (plus we were in a fabric store while waiting for our table for dinner - fabric stores = automatic awkwardness for me (my mom dragged me into fabric stores with her for hours when I was younger - eventually I told her I would rather sit in the hot car without the radio on than walk around in the fabric store)).

Things got considerably less awkward once we sat down for dinner. We talked about how they had met, we talked a little about how Lolita and I had met and we talked a little about stuff that interested all of us. After dinner, we decided to play games at my house. Lolita stopped off at the store to pick up Oreos for us. While playing the game, I teased Skyrim a little. Well, ok, I teased her a lot. I seriously expected her to look up at me at one point and say "Tripp, this is why you are not married!" Skyrim was super tired and I guess I am more annoying to people that are super tired. Overall though, I thought we all had fun.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Samsonite's Exit

I hung out with Samsonite on Sunday. I thought things were going pretty well. So last night, I texted her to ask when we could see each other again. Much to my surprise, I received a long text from Samsonite explaining why she didn't think we should see each other anymore. I was bugged. In my response, I tried to explain why I thought she was being foolish and what I was willing to do to try and make this work. Her response makes my blood boil.

"Listen, I don't want this to end ugly with bad feelings. I care about you as a friend, Tripp. I just don't want to date or do what we are doing anymore so, therefore, don't think it's probably a great idea if we hang out."

I don't want to respond. I don't want to be Samsonite's friend. Anytime someone is not willing to put in the work required to make a relationship work, I already pretty much know what kind of friend they are going to be. Crappy. I guess it's kind of interesting that I expect more out of my friends than I do out of the girls I date.