Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finding opportunities

Yesterday, littlebrother and I decided to both get a haircut. We hopped in his car and headed over the Great Clips. The girl cutting my hair was very chatty (I absolutely prefer a chatty girl to cut my hair). She asked where I went to school and what I did for a job. An older woman (mid to late 40's) sat nearby while her son received his haircut. She piped in with some questions about my law school and mentioned how she had a single daughter. Littlebrother thought it was hilarious that 30 seconds after getting my haircut, moms started jumping at the chance to introduce me to their daughters. Of course, it really only happened once. And the daughter wasn't super cute in the one picture the mom had. Still, it boosted my confidence. So, if your mom gave some guy your name to lookup on fbook in a Great Clips recently, it might have been me.


  1. They say you find love where you'd least expect it, guess that could include Great Clips? haha

  2. haha I don't think my mom would be quick witted enough to get your name after promptly telling you to marry me. Oh mom.

    However. I was in the Temple, doing a sesssion. This cute little lady came up to me and told me about her Grandson who played hockey for BYU and how I just needed to meet him, and how he's such a good catch. I gave her my name and number....still haven't heard from him. hmmm I really need to make sure my profile pic is hott... ha