Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day and hopeless romantics

On Saturday night, Lorelei and I went to dinner at this Asian place. She was so tired that I think she nearly fell asleep at dinner. Then we watched the office at my place. Not exactly a romantic valentines day date but it was still fun to just hang out. There is a lot of pressure on all of us to have some sort of romantic encounter on or around valentines day and I think it is just bogus. Valentines day used to be cool. It used to be about really good candy (not those crappy chalk hearts) and teenage mutant ninja turtle valentines to all my friends. One year, and I am not kidding, my mom gave us the movie Beetlejuice for valentines day. Now THAT is cool.

It's not that I don't want to do something romantic on valentines day. It's just that the opportunity so rarely presents itself. I have only had romance on three valentines days in my life. When I was 16, I went to walmart with my buddies and bought HSGF a little gold ring with a heart on it. I also got her some flowers. Four years ago, I was dating Brooktynn on valentines day. We tried to go to a restaurant but everything was full. So we got pizza from little caesers and watched the Notebook. Two years ago, I had just begun dating a girl named Emo. I think Valentines day was actually the second night we hung out. It was the night of our first kiss. She had to work but we met up afterwards and "watched" a movie.

Someday, when I am married, I am going to make every valentines day count. For starters, valentines day requires a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. I think this is a given. The place should require you to at least dress up a little. Second, I fully intend to buy my wife flowers on valentines day. I think flowers are a waste of money but they smell nice and look pretty and as long as I can afford it, I am gonna at least buy her flowers on that day. Third, if she wants, I will write and sing a song to my wife every year about how I love her more this year than the year before. Cute eh?


  1. all very good ideas. dont forget them, even after you have been married a few years and have a couple of snot nosed ankle biters.

  2. Smart nosed ankle biters? Ha ha, I can't wait. Jody, please see my previous post entitled Fan Clubs.