Monday, July 12, 2010

Conversations with future strippers

House came over for Band of Brothers last Wednesday night. Nothing eventful. I enjoy all of the time I spend with her. On Thursday, Pot and I went to dinner. It was fun. Pot is older than me by a few years and is divorced. We went for Indian food and then dipped ice cream cones. It was a short date cause Pot is super busy right now but it was fun. The conversation went well and Pot seems like a super chill girl. I am excited to take her out again. Probably sometime next week, since she is out of town for most of this week.

On Saturday night, Milo and I met up with a couple of other guys for sushi before heading to a bar. I always feel a little awkward at bars cause I don't drink but it seemed like fun. We ended up at the same bar that I met Jasmine at a year ago. I ended up in a strange conversation with a girl that I will call StripperGirl (or SG for short) about whether stripping is degrading to women. SG wants to be a stripper and plans to make a ton of money and then retire and live the great life when she is my age. I just wasn't so convinced that it was such a great idea. But it made for a great conversation. SG definitely enjoyed talking to me and as the night went on, SG informed me that she was probably going to sleep with me that night. I hated to burst her bubble but it needed to be done. I hate using the excuse of "I am Mormon" cause it implies that I don't really think for myself and that the only reason I wasn't going to sleep with SG was because of religion. So I explained to SG that I wanted to wait for marriage and such. It was an interesting conversation, one that many mormon girls can probably relate to but not one that many guys have experienced. I was trying to explain my values to a drunk girl intent on sleeping with me.

Eventually, SG got offended that I wouldn't sleep with her. She said I was a tease. There really isn't a good response to that. I went to the bar because I wanted to have an interesting discussion with someone but to the average person, I guess going to bar is all about hooking up. Due to some weird circumstances, I ended up giving SG and her friends a ride home. I guess I should take the whole thing as a compliment.

On Sunday, I texted back and forth with McSwanson. I met McSwanson with littlebrother and Sugarloaf at a party celebrating the 4th of July. McSwanson is divorced with a kid but very spunky and friendly. I think she might have given her number out to four or five guys that night (including littlebrother) but she has potential. I might try and take her out this week. But McSwanson seems a little too playful to take seriously. Like that maybe she isn't taking dating seriously at all right now.


  1. busy, busy.
    i can totally relate to having the "i am waiting for marriage" conversation with non members. its kind of surreal. its amazing to me how people get offended when you had the standard before you even met them. kind of reminds me of people who get offended when you wont drink with them. just weird.

  2. Dear singlemormonchick:

    Yeah, I just felt like I was on the other side of it. I wonder how often that sort of thing happens in this universe? This whole being single thing places us in all sorts of weird positions.

    Love Tripp

  3. I say go for McSwanson! You have my blessing. But I'm not quite sure how you came up with that nickname. You'll have to tell me later. I think you should take her boating. You can invite me if you want-I'll bring another girl so I won't get in the way... ;)

  4. Dear littlebrother:

    We will figure something out. I hope you comment more on the blog once you are out of state at the prestigious graduate school cause I won't be seeing you as much. McSwanson is kinda different but we have been texting so maybe I will ask her out on a date.

    Love Tripp