Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The pot calling the kettle black

The rodeo date with House was great. I absolutely love the rodeo and so does House. I just don't want to kiss her. I know it is confusing because if you read my blog, you probably think I am a bit of a slut and will kiss anything that walks. But still, I don't want to kiss her. I have a hard time explaining why. But why should I have to explain why? Isn't it just enough for me to say that I don't want to kiss a girl and leave it at that? I have kissed plenty of girls in my day. I know what kissing is like. The lack of a desire to kiss a girl basically means the lack of a desire to mate with her, correct? It's so frustrating cause if I could just fall in love with House, my life would be a lot easier. She is coming over tonight to watch the second episode of Band of Brothers with me.

When I was at the arts festival a few weeks ago, I ran into a girl that I met a year ago named Pot. We talked for just a minute but there was definitely some clicking between Pot and I. So we did the texting back and forth thing and we are meeting up for dinner tomorrow. Pot is generally pretty cute BUT she wears lipstick. Which, as you know, grosses me out. So here is the real dilemma. If I take Pot out tomorrow night for dinner and she is wearing lipstick, I will be grossed out and then I probably won't want to take her out again. But there is no way to call or text her before the date and say "oh, by the way, I have OCD about stuff on lips, so can you please let your lips be naked for the night so that we can find out if we are compatible?" My only hope really is that for some odd reason, Pot will decide to not wear lip crap tomorrow (cause it is really nonsensical - we are going to eat dinner - thats like making your bed right before it's bedtime). I will keep my fingers crossed.


  1. have you considered therapy?
    for the lip stuff, i mean. you seem to like your girls on the glamorous side which is kind of contradictory to your disdain of lipstick/gloss. i think you are creating some self sabotage.

  2. The Newton'sJuly 8, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    She will wear lipstick because she wants to look nice for you. That is what girls do. If you ever want to meet someone then you need to be a man and look past it. After you've been out a while then you can tell her about your dysfunction with lipstick. It will take some effort, but I think you can handle it. If you honestly can't then you need therapy as mentioned above. I agree that you like the high maintenance girl, but not really. You want the trophy wife, but can't handle all that comes with her. Doesn't make sense.
    And do you really have no desire to kiss house? I don't get why you wouldn't want to kiss someone that is pretty, that you have fun with, and that you connect with. Would it be like kissing your sister? I don't get it. And what is up with the chinese comments. Can anyone really read those?

  3. Agree! Agree! Agree! Good job girls!

  4. I'm hoping you include the lip gloss comments just to stir the pot a bit, but we're all tired of it. It's pathetic, and I believe you aren't even grossed out at this point. You just feel that if you are suddenly ok with it then you must be selling out or giving up on a fight you're never going to win. Kind of like tailgating people in the fast lane. You're worse off to just sit there behind them, but you achieve some type of moral victory by letting them know they suck at driving. Problem is, most of them don't even realize that they're doing anything wrong or that there's an angry lawyer tailgating them.

  5. No pun intended!