Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kissing or Memories with ManHands

I get a lot of pressure from a lot of different sources about kissing. My friends are always asking "so did you kiss her?" or "did you get some?" after I go on a date. Some of my coworkers want details. When explaining dates to people, one of the main topics is whether I kissed her or not and why. I think a lot of guys like to pretend that they are doing a lot more kissing with a lot more girls than they really are. For instance, most of my friends have not kissed that many girls. Littlebrother has probably kissed more girls than any of my other friends. Most people that I meet have kissed less than 10 people in their life.

Nevertheless, I feel pressure to kiss girls. I know that I kiss too many girls. Crap, I kiss girls that I don't like. I kiss girls that I kind of like. Rarely do I kiss girls that I like. A few years ago (more or less), my sister set me up with this girl Welder. Welder was my sister's college roommate. We went on a date and seemed to click. We ended up on a blanket in the park with me playing guitar for her. I decided to kiss her. Now, here's the weird part. After I kissed her, we got kicked out of the park cause it was after hours. We were walking back to my car and started holding hands. Welder had man hands! They weren't huge or anything. They were probably about the same size as my hands but it totally threw me off. How could I be kissing some girl when holding her hand freaked me out?

Welder and I ended up hooking up a couple more times after that but I never got over the hands thing. If I had held her hand prior to kissing her, I probably wouldn't have kissed her. So I am sure you are asking the same question that I am asking. Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again? I think I am just hoping that I will feel more of a connection with a girl if I kiss her. I watch too many movies.


  1. Haha! Too picky about the hands! I think that is the mistake, probably manifested in different forms, with different people.

    I think once you've been around the block a time or two ;-) you have to LET things be special, that giddy thing doesnt just happen like it used to when you were less experienced.

    Maybe hold back sometimes so that when the spark of a connection is there, it really can be something special

  2. I still feel bad about that-not for you, but for her! I don't know if it does any good to give you advice, but I do think that you kiss too much. You should save kissing for when you like someone so it will be special. You don't kiss someone to see if you like them. I think that that is a backwards way of doing things. Maybe that is your problem.

  3. For what it's worth--

    I usually kissed guys before I even went on a date with them. Or held hands. Or really even cared about them.

    But with Blake, that first kiss didn't come for about a month. And we held hands first, too. We even waited a few weeks for that. I'm not saying this is going to apply to all relationships, but I know for me, it made a difference. Waiting to do anything physical with him somehow changed things for me. I think I got to know him better and the hand holding and the kissing actually meant something more than just being horny. And I had a lot more respect for him and the relationship.

  4. Lots of times you post something, but then never give a follow up. Example: Swift. What happened?

  5. Dear Anonymous:

    Nothing ever happened with Swift. I never had her phone number and with all the drama she created out of thin air, I really don't want to take her out on any dates. I don't think Swift would go out with me even if I asked her. Even if I had tickets to see American Idol followed by dinner with the prophet. Even if all the Beatles were somehow magically back together for a one night showing. You get the idea. As for other girls without follow-up, my dating is haphazard so they probably just fell through the cracks. Ask and I am happy to tell you the follow up to any girls.

    Love Tripp

  6. I definitely kiss most guys before I go on a date with them. Before I have a conversation of substance with them. To give the underdog some well deserved justification, a kiss can say things words will never accomplish. Chemistry may be one word, but the lack of it can only be explained through the awkward physical connection between you and another person. Do I test drive my dates before I waste an evening of pretending like I'm interested in their bullshit shallow conversation, and going to a poorly made action film so the whole crowd of 20-something boys can feel manlier by the cgi car chase on the big screen? You bet your sweet mormon ass I do.