Monday, December 28, 2009

This blog turns 50 or the grinch that stole Christmas

Last week, I went on a date with LadyGuadalupe. I met LadyGuadalupe several years ago through my friend Mogul. Apparently I forgot her the first time I met her, cause the second time I met her, I didn't remember meeting her previously. Mogul gave me a lot of crap for it. Mogul has been down on his luck a little and so he was less likely to harass me this time around. LadyGuadalupe is an extremely nice fun and pretty girl. We have hung out several times and I think she is pretty cool. This was our first date. She lives in another state, has spent the past year or so studying in Paris and Hawaii, and so I never see her.

We had dinner and talked with Mogul and his wife. It was a fairly fun date. I have just been so down on myself lately that I am not really sure I know how to have fun. The complications of dating LadyGuadalupe are many. Besides her being the cousin of Mogul, she lives far away, she wants to do an internship in New York City as soon as she graduates, and she is much quieter than me. I worry sometimes that the quieter girls find me extremely annoying. So even though I had a fun time with her and thought highly of her, it is doubtful that I will take her on another date.

So I added Swift as a friend on Facebook and she accepted. Then, when I looked today, we were no longer friends on Facebook. Did she seriously accept my friendship request and then remove me from her friends? It just seems so odd. So much for the suggestion that we hang out. TheWriter and I have been texting a bunch. Perhaps one of the reasons I am so depressed is cause I enjoy talking to TheWriter so much and yet I know nothing is ever going to happen. I almost wonder if maybe I am sort of lying to myself to keep her as a friend.

Last week I went and hung out with Premed. I met Premed through BFF. We had a really good conversation (although I might have made her cry a bit). Premed was recently divorced and is still having a bit of a rough go. I think maybe she can sense that I am having a bit of a rough time with life right now too.


  1. Dude, I want to follow along but I can't keep things strait. Not sure how you can help, maybe I'm just a little slow.


  2. Dear Mormon Bachelor Pad:

    I have been reading your blog and it's great. I am sorry you can't keep things straight, now you kinda know how I feel. I tried adding the labels to keep track of each girl - not sure how much that helps. Anytime something gets confusing, post a comment about what is confusing and I will try and clear it up.


  3. It doesn't kill you
    It's not a one-way ticket to a lonely life
    It might break your heart
    But the physical risk is low
    You might feel so bad that you wanna die
    But if you died you would never know
    That it didn't kill you
    Soon you would've felt better

    Today at work I listened to "Love Does't Kill You" by Fastball and thought of you. I recommend that you listen to the song. Go find it on iTunes or something. Or I'll play it for you the next time I see you. Maybe tomorrow.

    xoxo Lorelei