Friday, December 4, 2009

In response

Dear Jessica:

Thanks for your comment. It was quite possibly the meanest thing any person has ever said or written about me. It made me seriously reconsider my reasons for writing this blog and also my reasons for continuing to go on dates. Perhaps you are just as bitter about dating as I am and you are only taking it out on me to make yourself feel better. What have I done that spreads negative Karma? You basically are saying that it is shallow for me to want a spouse that I find attractive. It is absurd to think I will marry a girl that I do not find attractive! Not once have I stated that I want a model or that a girl has to have a certain level of attractiveness. I simply want a girl that I am attracted to. If that makes me a disgusting sleazebag, then perhaps you should reconsider your definition of disgusting sleazebag so as to not include everyone in our society.

Also, I don't claim to be anything. When I said I was handsome and charming, it was said facetiously.

Love Tripp Hazard

Dear Jill:

I am a real person. I am not a douche bag. I am not a woman. All of the dates I went on were real dates. I may not be perfect but I am trying. Perhaps I am a fugly loser and no amount of money is worth being with me. It is unfortunate that I am twenty-something and single and struggling with dating. After reading your blog, it appears you are 28 and single and struggling with dating as well. It's hard when life doesn't work out the way we planned. But I am trying. I have heard many a girl complain that mormon guys just don't ask girls out on dates. As awful as I may seem in your imagination, at least I am making an effort. I am sorry that I am one of those "idiots that are so pervasive in Mormon culture." But whether I am an idiot or not, at least I am trying. I wanted this blog to be an honest insight into my dating life and I think I succeeded. I may have said some things that you find rude or insensitive. I apologize for that. However, those were my honest feelings and opinions. The blog isn't attempting to parody single mormon dating from a guy's perspective; it IS single mormon dating from a guy's perspective. I appreciate your comments, even though they are offensive. I hope that all the fugly losers out there with money stop asking mormon girls out on dates, since the girls seem to find it so distasteful.

Love Tripp Hazard

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