Friday, December 4, 2009

The end

I am sorry that I came across as desperate, as a douchebag, as a disgusting sleazebag, as an idiot stalker, etc. I thought it would be funny and interesting to hear about my dating life from my perspective but I was wrong. Maybe dating just isn't for me to begin with.

I hope ending this blog helps everyone rest a little easier.

Love Tripp Hazard


  1. Sad. :( I enjoyed your honesty and am sorry to hear we won't be hearing any more of your dating stories.

  2. Sad to see it go...especially since you were the inspiration for my blog. I still don't think you should let those girls get to you.

    xoxo Lorelei

    PS: "Miss Jill" checked out my blog...but apparently I'm not as douche baggy as you...or at least she didn't feel like picking a fight with me over it.

  3. What prompted that?!? I liked reading your blog! In fact it was about the only one I read regularly anymore. Sad. Don't give up on dating. There is someone out there for everyone. Maybe you are lookin too hard. Kens