Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paris holds the key

Littlebrother told me last night that he doesn't think I should ask Giselle out again. He talked to her friend and apparently she isn't really interested in me. Not exactly unexpected. Well, a little unexpected. This brings my dating pool down to exactly zero girls. Am I just dating the wrong girls? Meeting the wrong girls? Pursuing the wrong girls? Or is it me? Should I try online dating? What sites? Or should I just take a long break from dating?


  1. I don't think you should stop dating girls, but I do think you are dating the wrong type of girls. I don't know all of their backgrounds, but I do think that if you are meeting a girl at a bar then they probably aren't worth keeping. If you are seriously looking for someone long term and not just a fling then you shouldn't be going to bars to find girls. Maybe they are beautiful and fun, but do you honestly see them as a possible wife or mother to your children? I hope not because that means you have bigger problems. I would try online dating. What do you have to lose?