Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now I know how Jimmy Buffett feels

Sorry for the long delay. I had a date last week with a new girl named Giselle. I met Giselle about a month ago through some mutual friends. We went to this chinese restaurant. It was my birthday. Somehow, during dinner, it came up that I get really grossed out by lip gloss. Pretty sure it was littlebrother who brought it up. Giselle had just put on a bunch of lip gloss. She turned to me and put her face close to mine and said "I really want to kiss you right now." Then, to make matters worse, littlebrother's date, the girl he has been pursuing for months and months, says "If you kiss Giselle, I will kiss your brother." Littlebrother looked at me with hopeful eyes. This was his chance and all he needed was for his older brother to kiss a girl...

I couldn't do it. I thought about it. I seriously considered it. But all that chinese food in my stomach? Just thinking about it made my stomach turn a little. It wouldn't be so great for me to throw up on my birthday on a first date after I kissed her! I think she felt rejected. Littlebrother was kinda mad.

We took the girls to a park and played our guitars for them. I did an improv song about Giselle that was pretty funny. Then, as littlebrother and his date were walking away, I moved in to kiss Giselle. She totally denied me! She said "Now you know how it feels to be rejected." Not one to be outdone, I went in a second time and stole a kiss from her. It was kinda awkward but I thought it was pretty funny. She definitely is showing some interest in me. Our next date is this saturday. I haven't planned anything yet.

Last Saturday I went on a date with Jasmine. I was excited. We were gonna go canoeing. The weather wasn't looking great but we took off anyway to where the canoes are stored in my hometown. Things started out bad and basically never improved. When I knocked on her door, she was on the phone. She let me in but kept talking to some guy who was in Germany. We finally got in my car to go but she was still on the phone!

She got off the phone as we entered the canyon. Jasmine had made us a picnic for lunch. On the way up, she got hungry. So, we stopped at my parents' house and ate our lunch. It was quite good. I was feeling better cause Jasmine had gone out of her way to plan our lunch. I thought maybe that was a sign of interest. The weather looked even worse so we decided to take a drive. Driving through the small town I grew up in, we passed a young (mid 20's) girl hitchhiking in the rain. We decided to pick her up. Her name was Lisa. We drove Lisa 40 miles up into the mountains. It was actually really fun having her in the car. At one point she said "You guys are a really cute couple." I thought that was cute until Jasmine responded "We aren't a couple. We might be someday." Weird. Granted, if her mom had said something like that, we would tell her. But the hitchhiker? The one we were about to drop off in the middle of the mountains to never see again?

I suggested we get out of the car and walk around a bit but Jasmine didn't want to. This was my first real chance to see what kind of person Jasmine is. Basically, she does only what she wants to do and expects things to always go her way. It was very frustrating. We were driving back down and she said she was getting tired. I suggested we go take a nap at my parents' house but she insisted that her dog had been alone for 5 hours and she needed to go take care of him. I like animals. I grew up on a farm. Dogs are not babies! It was so annoying. So, I took her home and then said that I needed to go home. I went home and watched some football. An hour or two later, I decided to give Jasmine another chance. I texted her suggesting we go have dinner or go watch a movie. She responded that she was cooking a pizza and I could come over and eat some of that and we could watch a movie. Good sign right? Wrong. I got there and we ate the pizza. Her dog was there, demanding most of her attention. Then, we went to watch a movie. However, there was nothing Jasmine wanted to watch. So, she told me I could choose between some cake baking challenge show and a home redecorating show. Basically, she was going to control whatever we watched. I didn't want to watch either show. They were lame. Plus, I wanted to cuddle with her. Instead, she cuddled with her stupid dog. I haven't talked to her since. I have thought about it but I just can't get over how badly our last date went.

Tomorrow is the big night. My first date with Catcher. I texted her the other night and she said she would love to go to the fair with me. I am hoping that there will be a serious connection. Kinda worried though because she is such a pretty girl. I am sure she has tons of options. Abercrombie and Fitch models hitting on her all the time. I am sure it will go better than my last date with Jasmine though.


  1. I think you should lose Jasmine! She doesn't seem like she fits you. Good luck with Catcher though! Isn't she the one from the derby?

  2. Remember what we talked about before? Maybe you and Jasmine both have strong personalities. It seems that it may be a kind of power struggle. It looks like you want at least a little discretion on how things run, and maybe she's not willing to give up much control at all. That could be tough.