Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I got nothing

Thus far, the online dating thing hasn't exactly panned out. Other than the two very aggressive post-30 girls, I met one girl who lives in Boise and one girl who lives in Arizona. The one in Arizona was quick to inform me that she had just gotten out of a relationship and was just online to "check" things out. And the one in Boise... well, she lives in Boise.

There are two 18 year old girls in my ward that are cute and that I am friends with. My friend BFF gave me a really hard time last night about them. She was like "how can you possibly find them engaging?" I guess it offends her. Truth be told, I don't find them particularly engaging. They are just attractive girls. Also, I don't really care about age. It's just a stupid number. It doesn't say what you have experienced. It doesn't dictate your maturity. Odds are, both of those 18 year old girls will be married before me. Five years ago, my friends gave me crap for dating some 18 year old girls. Well, those girls are now 23 and married. Some of them probably have children. But because I am older than them, I should count them out? Plus, lets be honest, I am more attracted to younger looking girls. Girls my age look old. Shoot, I showed some of my buddies pictures of girls I went to high school with now and they laughed cause the girls looked like they were in their 40's. With the online dating well drying up, should I perhaps focus my efforts elsewhere? Mail order brides?


  1. Er, I meant with the online dating well DRYING up.

  2. I'm not saying you should, because that's a lot to take on, but there are some pluses to girls with kids. You know what kind of a mom they'll be. And if they can get back to their pre-baby um..., size. And you're that much closer to them graduating and being on their own. Not that I look forward to that day.

    Also, from watching you w/my kids, I know you're ready to be a dad--at least skills-wise. I've been really impressed that you have won their love, but you're not afraid to teach them or stop them from doing something wrong. And you did it in a good way, or I would have just been offended. Honestly, you're more ready than a lot of dads I know.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that my spin instructor played "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" the other day and I thought of you. That song always makes me think of you. And smile.

  3. hmmm that's not a bad idea tripp. maybe you should join a gym. I know you already run in the mornings but a LOT of cute girls go to the gym to be looked at and picked up, not to work out.