Friday, September 25, 2009

No Luck (well, sorta)

So I paid the fees, uploaded a few pictures, and wrote some embarrassingly positive "reviews" of myself. Then, I looked at tons of profiles. Ugly girls, pretty girls, short girls, tall girls, girls in state, girls out of state, younger girls, older girls, divorced girls, unmarried girls, widowed girls, girls with children, girls that want children, girls out of the country. I would say I found close to 40 girls on the site that I wouldn't mind taking on a date. Not bad but certainly not great. When you view someone's profile, it lets them know who you are. Thus, out of those 40 girls, approximately 4 have viewed my profile. I sent out about 10 messages to girls. None of those girls has sent me a message back.

However, I have received a number of flirts, profile views, and messages indicating interest from other girls. These girls are very aggressive. The other night, I logged on around 10:30 and within 2 minutes, I was chatting with two girls who requested to chat with me. I am a nice guy, so I didn't really know how to get out of it. One of them was very nice, from the Philippines. Not cute but nice. The other was a single mom of 2 or 3. She was very aggressive. Within 2 minutes of talking to her, she started hinting that I should ask for her phone number. I had no interest in dating her, I just didn't want to come across as rude. Well, she got more aggressive. She told me that I was extremely attractive. Then, she practically demanded that I get her phone number. I told her no and she kinda got upset. She told me I had hurt her feelings and then she logged off. Wow! Two days into online dating and already I am being a jerk to girls.

Overall though, unless at least one of the girls that I liked messages me back, it seems as if I wasted the $20 or so that joining the site cost me. Part of the problem is that I think most of these girls haven't paid the fee so they can't read my message.

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