Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Leroy Brown or The Case of the Online Dating Blues

Still no dates. Two girls have given me their phone numbers online and I have been messaging a few others. However, most of them are living in a different state than me. For instance, one lives in Washington and one lives in NYC. Two other girls I have talked to live in Idaho and one lives in Logan.

And the ones I have been messaging aren't the ones I am super excited to date. It seems like the only ones who have paid for the service are the ones who are starting to feel a bit desperate (me?). Should I try another site?

I talked with Haircut last night and I think I might have some interest in taking her out on a date. I have met her at a couple of parties and we have talked. Another hair stylist, I think I have a type.

I guess somehow I had held out that if I ever did the online dating thing, I would be king of it. After all, my resume on those things is pretty good looking. Do these girls look at my profile and think "Attorney, yes! I could use some good vacation time. Likes movies and music? Great. Looks like he has fun all the time? A definite plus. Solid mormon? check. Served a mission? check. Likes kids? check. Plays guitar? Nice. Writes music on the guitar? Double nice. Works out? Good. Looks? Ugh, nope, forget him." I mean, the problem is that the way I see it, my looks would have to be terrible to counter all those pluses. I am not a funny looking guy. I don't have a strangely misshapen head or an off center nose. My body is fairly proportional. I have all my teeth (and then some with my wisdom teeth) and all my hair.


  1. tripp, you are a very normal looking guy. meaning, I agree, you don't have a misshapen head, your nose is straight, and you have great teeth and hair. but maybe you aren't using a very good picture. (I don't know, I haven't seen it.) I'd be happy to come up and take some of you. I need practice shooting people.

  2. Maybe you need a better picture because I would never describe you as strange looking. You should have showed me your profile on Sunday by the way. If I was you I would try another site. You have the money right? It wouldn't hurt...