Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two for two blind dates

On friday evening, at about 6:30, I got a call from an old friend Francis who I went to engineering school with. He had just got engaged and wanted to set me up with his fiance's friend K1. I had no plans for Friday evening so I agreed to be set up. Francis' fiance was pretty cute so I was hopeful about K1. She was actually not too bad. Kinda cute. We went to a couple of haunted houses. K1 kept grabbing my arm and pushing up behind me to avoid getting spooked in the haunted houses. I don't know if girls realize this but that is exactly what you are supposed to do when on a date with a guy in a haunted house.

After the haunted houses, we went to the Belgian Waffle house. Talk about ghetto. I had never been to this place before. We were greeted by a character scarier than any we encountered in the haunted houses. Tall, skinny, oddly shaped, balding, but with a mullet. This guy was creepy. But he was only the beginning. Pretty much everyone at the place was inadvertently dressed for halloween. Our waitress said some of the funniest things. An older lady wearing way too much makeup. It was so great. And the food wasnt too bad either. K1 didn't look quite as pretty in the strange light of the Belgian Waffle house. I kinda already knew that I just wasn't interested in her. Still, the night was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I had a blind date with K2. K2 is my boss' cousin from Ohio. 20 years old, goes to BYU, very shy. My boss and his wife doubled with us. I was so excited to go to this halloween event at a local theme park. On the drive over, I convinved K2 to sing us a song. She was actually a very good singer. I was surprised that someone as shy as her would sing to us in the car. I love that theme park. It's what fun is. Of course, so does everyone else on a saturday. The ride lines were longer than I have ever seen them. We managed to ride only four rides one time each plus go through one haunted house. We also ate dinner there and had a chance to play skee ball.

One of my favorite things about theme parks is playing skee ball. For some reason, I can win at it. Or maybe it's just that I have a bit of OCD and am able to just play over and over until eventually I can win. I won a large prize for K2. A large penguin I named Benji. I also won a small prize for my boss' daughter. Cause I am a winner. That's what winners do, they win prizes at skee ball.

The haunted house at the theme park was pretty lame. Not scary at all. I definitely had a lot of fun on the date with K2. K2 was definitely not my type though. I just need a more outgoing girl.

Side notes: I sent a message to the Australian girl Aussie on facebook but never heard back. I have been messaging a couple of girls on the dating website. One that lives in provo, TheWriter, seems particularly promising. I also called this girl Moonshine the other night and she seemed really promising. Littlebrother's exgirlfriend met her up in Idaho and sent me her number. I think I might call her tonight and try and take her out this week.

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  1. I always hated blind dates, but it sounds like you did pretty well. Or at least had a good time.

    Are you serious about the coming to visit thing? That would be great! You know we're coming out there for Thanksgiving, right? So, don't come that weekend.

    Did I mention Kayli's Primary teacher is single? Well, she is. Just thought you should know.