Friday, October 30, 2009

Smooth Criminals or The good the bad and the ugly

On wednesday night, I decided to give one of the girls I met online a call. Her name is TheWriter. She looked pretty cute from the pictures posted and seemed really cool. We had been messaging back and forth for like two weeks so I guess it was time. The phone call was great. We really clicked. I could tell that she was the same person in real life that she appeared from all her writings. It was a short phone conversation but it went well. So TheWriter added me as a friend on facebook later that night and I decided to check out her photos. One of those "don't mind if I do" moments. The thing about an online dating site is that you get to choose what photos you put on there. So it's really easy to place yourself in the best light. I was a little disappointed. I mean, TheWriter looked the same as she did in her pictures on the dating site but some of her pictures kinda made it looks like she was a bit heavier. Hard to tell. It was disappointing to me. If you had been at my house that evening, you could see how my mood changed. I just had such high hopes for this girl. Of course, maybe she isn't that bad. It was hard to tell from the photos. My plan is still to take her on a date because I don't have much to lose.

Last night I talked on the phone with a second girl from the online dating website named Nomad. It was another very fun conversation. I think we talked for like 2 hours. Of course, I am a talker anyway, so talking on the phone with me that long isn't hard. Nomad looks to have a very curvy body from her pictures. So, the conversation went well and we are meeting up tonight for our first date after the Governor's Gala. Holy snap, my first date ever with someone I met online. Well, only sorta. About 5 or 6 years ago, I met this girl in a chatroom and we met up at some party and then watched some of a movie later. But that doesn't really count. I can already tell that I click with her on a personality level. The big question is "will I be attracted to her in person" and also "will she be attracted to me in person?" One can never predict. I kinda hope I am. Wish me luck.

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