Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The tension and the terror

I studied last night with Ariel for the third time. The thing about study dates is that you are really toeing the friendship line. There isn't a lot of physical contact. Like, I can't very well hold her hand during studying or on the walk to the car after. I can't kiss her at the end. How would that be? "When was your first kiss?" "Well, he helped me learn the edocrine hormones and then quizzed me about the hypothalamus and then just came in and kissed me." So, even though I get to spend plenty of time with her, I feel like I am losing the battle right now.

Texts from Ariel:

"I know your fun . I promise i'm not boring either. Night."
"I'm checking on when i can hold please :-). Thank for the two texts can you send them again...? You're amazing."
"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!"
"Can not. Thank you. So did you."
"Yes huh. I will like you more for helping me."

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