Thursday, July 30, 2009

No one

Ariel texted me last night. She wanted me to come study with her. At first, I thought to myself "why would I want to do that?" but then I thought that maybe she really does enjoy my company and maybe she really did get scared. I decided to play it off to see if I could gain any advantage from it. I told her I felt like she was just trying to get me to come over so that we could hook up. She responded with "So what if I am?" I then told her I was ok with hooking up with her as long as I didn't feel objectified. She said "Deal." I then said that I would come over to help her study as long as the odds of us making out were better than 50-50. To which she replied "OK."

Well, at that point, I had roped myself in. You can't say something like that to a girl and then decide to not go over. So I went over. She was looking extremely attractive. She had her glasses on, looking like a high school teacher or something. Fancy painted toenails. The song lyrics "I got a feeling, tonight's gonna be a good night" were echoing in my head. We studied until about 12:30 and then decided we were done. We both closed our laptops and sat on the floor of her bedroom. My opportunity had presented itself.

So what happened? Nothing! I didn't want to move over next to her and just move in for the kill. I kinda thought that maybe it was her move to make. And she just sort of stayed there. All of this happened in a matter of about 1 minute. I got up grabbed my stuff and walked out. She came out on the front porch with me and we had a long tight hug. I think she would have still kissed me then but I just walked away. Maybe I am playing games with her, maybe not. But no kissing with Ariel last night.

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