Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It MUST be the FuManchu

Lots to discuss.

Ariel texted me last week. She wanted to study together. I am kind of a pushover. But I told her that I was going running that night but that I would study with her if she came over and went running with me. We ran about 4 miles and then studied for about an hour and a half together. I haven't heard from her since. Maybe I wore her out. Emotionally, I am done with her though.

Last Friday, I went on a date with Daisy (from Lady and the Tramp - not a Disney Princess but you try finding a Disney Princess with a 'D' name). We went to the rodeo up in Ogden. Daisy is tall, 6 feet. We actually got along really well. I think she is fairly intelligent and easy to talk to. I haven't called her yet but I think there may be some possibilities there.

On Saturday, I had a first date with Esmerelda. It was to the Demolition Derby. It is my favorite event of the whole year. I am like a kid waiting for the new Harry Potter movie or something. I got all dressed up in my demolition derby attire (cowboy boots, tight pants, wife beater, fake tattoos, old scout baseball cap). Esmerelda took it pretty well. She wasn't really dressed up at all but she put up with my garbage. My mom didn't take it as well. She sent me an email saying she was embarrassed of me. I took that news pretty hard. I mean, it was all in fun. To me, dressing up for the derby is way more important than dressing up for Halloween. I think I might have gotten a little hyper while at the derby but it's cause I love it so much.

Esmerelda and I had a nice talk on the way home, she had gotten very quiet during the derby. It might have been me being really loud. Or it might have been from me flirting a little too much with my friend's date Catcher. It's not that I didn't like Esmerelda. She is very pretty and very fun and super chill. It's just that Catcher is what I have dreamed about for years. From the moment I saw her, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I wasn't sure if Esmerelda noticed. Does that make me a sleazebag?

We were putting on fake tattoos in my parents' kitchen when Catcher first arrived. She immediately wanted to put on fake tattoos too. She found one that said Catcher and I suggested she place it on her chest. I know, kinda skeazy. Well, maybe not. I just felt like there was so much chemistry between Catcher and I and it felt natural. We joked around at the derby too, she was sitting behind me and at one point I touched her leg and she was like "oh, that feels nice" and I seriously almost went insane. Another time, she asked if I was going to kiss Esmerelda and I almost wanted to yell at her "No, I want to kiss you!" When we got back to my parents' house, she wanted to jump on the tramp so I found her a pair of shorts and we went out to the tramp. It was great. I was giddy just being around her. She also wanted to see our pigs. She talked about how she wanted her kids to raise animals to learn work habits. It was so great. I told her about Mooner and she thought that was awesome. She added me as a friend on facebook.

On Saturday, I was at the furniture store looking for a sectional when I met BFD. She was working there and we flirted. She offered to come hang out with us and gave me her card with her cell number written on the back. I am thinking I will call her today and take her on a date this week.

Other Notes: On Sunday, we had a bunch of people over to play games and there was this girl there Faline that I felt a bit of a connection to. She wasnt as friendly as some of the other girls but she was pretty cute and I may ask her out on a date.

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