Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't fear death, my Adrian

So the fourth date blew up in my face. Belle had lots of fun, we connected and talked and then, at the end, she told me she was falling for Gaston and she felt she was leading me on. I was devastated. I shouldn't have let on to her how much it hurt. I should have just let it slide off my back.

Such is life though. Maybe Belle will change her mind. Maybe I am Gaston and Gaston is really the beast. Who knows? I called both Ariel and Cinderella last night, neither answered. I think I left messages but I don't really expect responses. I am not depressed, just frustrated. My timing stinks, always has. I went to a party last night and there were basically no girls that I even wanted to talk to, let alone date. There are billions of girls on this planet, millions of single ones, and probably hundreds of thousands of single Mormon girls that I could date and yet I don't feel a connection with hardly any of them. And when I do find one whom I connect with, my pearl of great price, I sell everything I have to purchase it, only to find another buy who has already purchased it for less. He may very well discard it soon.

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