Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's my age again?

I had lunch today with Cinderella. She didn't let me pay. I wasn't about to insist either. Of course, when a girl lets me pay, it makes me feel useful and needed. But, when she doesn't want me to pay, is that a sign that she isn't interested? Of course, if she isn't interested, then why is she going out to lunch with me in the first place? I guess you could say it's just lunch. Isn't there a dating site called that? Are we beginning a casual friendship or a potential romance?

Lunch was good (well, actually, my sandwich from the Coffee Break was awful). We had plenty to talk about and she just seems very comfortable in her skin. I liked when she asked questions about my job and about whether I was happy or not. I didn't like how we changed the subject before I could really explain why I do what I do instead of following my heart. I wonder if she looks down on me for being a corporate attorney. I really haven't figured out what is important to her yet. Is it family? Is it adventure? Is it art? Is it freedom? She strikes me as the super freedomy hippie type but at the same time, she must have some motivation for stability in her life.

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