Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I had lunch today with Ariel. She picked me up at my office, and let me tell you, she looked gorgeous. Definitely the prettiest I have seen her. The conversation lagged a couple of times at lunch because I struggle a little with finding common ground between us. Ariel is very outdoorsy; she camps and exercises and hikes and rock climbs. I like that stuff but nobody would classify me as being inherently outdoorsy.

She came back to my office and she said she was very impressed. Definitely a plus to have her be impressed about something about me. We talked about exploring some of the buildings that you can see from my window. We also planned a date for next Tuesday to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

The biggest positive of the date came in the form of Ariel saying that she really wanted my business card, and when I made light of the fact that she could just throw it away, she said she was definitely gonna keep it. The biggest negative of the date came when I asked her what she wanted to do with nursing and she told me that she wanted to go to India and just work as a nurse. It kind of felt like a cue that her and I have different goals. You know, like that she wasn't really all that interested in living in Utah and having a family. But oh well, at least it went fairly well. I invited her to the rodeo but she said she was gonna be out of town. I was a bit disappointed.

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  1. A blog just about dating in Mormon land....I'm so excited!!!