Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My date with Belle went very well. Just about as well as I could have hoped. So why am I so nervous? Well, I saw Belle at church on Sunday, she isn't in my ward but she came to see a friend and was surprised to see me. I was so nervous to see her. Why? I am not sure I can explain. So I talked to her but I still had butterflies in my stomach two hours later. We agreed to hang out on Wednesday. And then I am taking her to the Taylor Swift concert one week from today. So boom, just like that, dates 2 and 3.

I have been doing all I can to keep my actions in check. For one, I didn't kiss her on Friday night. I think I might have had an opening and I ignored it. For another, I wanted to send her flowers today at work. But I avoided it. I also was going to send her a text just after seeing her at church but I waited until later that night. Furthermore, I thought about buying her a Taylor Swift CD last night at Walmart in preparation for the concert. It's pretty obvious that I have a tendency to overdo things early on. When she told me her dream car on our date, I almost blurted out that if we ended up together, I would buy her that car.

Anyway, I managed to avoid smothering her. My motto for all of this is "Why not me? Why not now?"


  1. Resist the urge!! While all good ideas all would freak most girls out... Not to mention you've gotta act semi interested so you can have a chance to read her and how interested she is... It's a game!! One that I'm glad to be out of, but there was a time!!

  2. I think it is so cute how excited you were about doing things for Belle but that you held back. I went on a first date where the guy went a little over board, it was kinda overwhelming but I managed to just appreciate his sweetness..but since this post is like 8 months old and you're not currently dating Belle I am bummed that at some point in the posts I will have to read about what went wrong : (

    You'll find someone Tripp! You are too cool not to.