Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last week, I met Dee and Dum for dinner. They are such a strange couple. If I text one too much, the other one will get mad at me. At this point, I am pretty sure that Dee likes me more than Dum does. Dee randomly texted me on Sunday night and asked if I was attracted to Dum. I waffled a bit and then said yes and she said she figured that was the case and it was to settle an argument. It kinda felt like unnecessary drama to me.

On Sunday, I invited House over for dinner. I made pork chops (since I have my pig skittles in the freezer), rice a roni and brownies. I don't know if House liked any of the food but at least she pretended to. Then I played my guitar for her. I think House was impressed but she is so nice that she probably would have said it sounded great even if it sounded awful. We watched Groundhog Day with Milo and RunsWithScissors. Then we watched House's new commercial. Yeah, that's right, House filmed a commercial last week. Both Milo and RunsWithScissors couldn't stop complimenting House for how hot she looked in the commercial. After House left, Milo and RunsWithScissors and Steve-O all told me that I need to marry House. I can just add them to the list.

Tonight I am meeting Lebron for dinner. Lebron is a girl I met online. This is our first date. It should just be a short dinner to minimize the awkwardness. I wonder if I should get my haircut before I go...


  1. wow! so much going on...i really feel out of the blogging loop.
    cant wait to hear about lebron-is this eharmony??

  2. I see House on tv several times a day and I think she looks really good! I'm impressed you cooked dinner. Girls like that you put in the effort even if it isn't the most amazing meal. Austin won my heart early on over a homemade Valentine's dinner.

  3. So what is the deal with House? Are you warming up to her a bit? I have to admit I'm impressed that she wasn't visibly offended by South Park. I expected her to be a little more stuffy but she seemed cool with it. If she was wishy-washy at all about the meal, I'm sure you sealed the deal when you mentioned we raised those pigs ourselves on our tree/pig farm.