Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

On Tuesday night, I finally managed to go on a first date with Lebron. Lebron and I met through the online dating website. Having been out with girls I met online in the past, I was very nervous. Would she be pretty? Would she be much heavier than in the photos? Would she attempt to steal a lock of my hair so that she could perform voodoo spells on me? Thankfully, all was pretty normal.

I picked up Lebron and we instantly clicked. I guess there are just some personalities out there that I really click with and others that I do not. But Lebron found me funny and that's usually enough to get me going for the night. We went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. In hindsight, not the best place to go on a first date. The cook comes out and cooks right in front of you, leaving you very little time to talk with each other. Still, we managed to get through a few subjects. And I managed to make her laugh, which is of the utmost importance.

Lebron had told me beforehand that she felt like most first dates were too long. So I had planned on taking her home after dinner. We parked the car at her apartment and kept chatting for a minute. It was obvious we still had plenty more to talk about. So Lebron says "Wanna come inside? But I'm not coming on to you." I thought that was hilarious. So we went inside and ended up talking for another 2 hours. We talked about some serious subjects and some not so serious subjects. But the conversation seemed to flow easily. And to be honest, I found Lebron to be very attractive. I am almost sure we will go on a second date.

Last night, House and I went out to this Christmas festival. I always have fun at these things but I can't help wondering why they even exist. I understand that they are for charity but are that many people really that interested in going to look at a bunch of decorated trees? And the entertainment: horrendous. Painful even. At some point, these kids need to be told that they are talentless hacks and pushed into more appropriate hobbies (like reading). Ok ok, I am jesting. But they shouldn't be given a stage and encouragement. Their dancing was fairly bad and their singing was much worse. And the boys that were involved? House and I had an interesting discussion about how these boys ended up in dance groups where the girls outnumbered them (sometimes 12:1). I voted that it was because the boys planned on hooking up with these girls. House tended to agree with me, noting that her roommate (a high school teacher) thinks that the girls on the dance troupe at her school have a much higher percentage of sexual experience than the average student. Mostly, House and I felt bad for them. We both shared stories of growing up and playing on sports teams where we were clearly inadequate. I think most of the kids are pushed into it because of their parents. Points for House for agreeing with me that kids should not be raised in a way that they feel forced to join awful dance groups and perform at Christmas festivals.

At the festival, I ran into BFF. She was there with a friend of hers that I had never met named TAB. Afterwards, BFF texted me to say that TAB had said she thought I was funny and cute. So I might end up taking TAB out soon. She is this shorter girl with lots of personality. Now, before you become too critical of me for dating other girls besides House (or for dating House at all as some readers believe), remember that I am just trying to figure this whole dating thing out. I continue going out with House because I really enjoy spending time with her. And we have kissed, although not a ton. I don't have an answer of how interested in me she is. I think she really likes me and maybe it will go somewhere but it is going to go at my speed.

I have been getting quite a few texts of fanmail lately from FarFarAway. We hung out a few weeks ago (it didn't really feel blogworthy) and she is always sending texts saying things like "Hey handsome, how are you?" It's a little weird. Especially when she says things like "We need to hang out so that you can fall in love with me and we can get married and I can have your babies." I am not kidding, she says things like that. So I told her I would take her out on a date this next Tuesday. Last night, as I was laying in bed texting five girls (BFF, Dee, House, Lebron and FarFarAway) I felt just a bit overwhelmed.


  1. :) sounds like you are having some fun.

  2. Wah wah wah, I'm Tripp and I have too many girls that want to date me!

    Seems like you have a pretty sweet life going right now.

  3. You are like a freight train that cannot be stopped. Ride the wave! Meanwhile, I'm at home reading your blog with no girls to text. Rather, no girls I care to text.