Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We live and die by the same principles or A night in New Orleans

So last Thursday was my long planned bachelor party trip to New Orleans. As the token Mormon, the trip promised to have some awkward moments. We hopped on the plane and I found my seat next to MrShit, a pretty blonde. (I apologize for the nickname, but during the flight, she told me that it was her nickname and explained why and it was just too hard to avoid). Milo was across the aisle from me and Thunder was up in first class. Thunder and I have been friends since undergraduate. He has a bit of a temper.

So, I really had lots of time to talk to MrShit. And talk we did. MrShit was just fun and bubbly and interesting. I was kinda sad to have the plane land. I felt really awkward asking her for her phone number cause we had merely sat next to each other for our flight. We live in different states and lead very different lives. So I said bye to her and set off for the weekend.

Drama ensued. At one point in a taxi, I seriously thought we were all going to be arrested. If I thought it was uncomfortable spending the night in our suite with the AC turned all the way up, imagine how uncomfortable a jail cell might be with the humidity and the temperature. This was Friday night. After a number of harsh words were exchanged between all of us (there were six guys), my friends went into a pizza parlor. I stood out on the street to people watch. Suddenly I heard my name spoken excitedly. It was MrShit! She was really excited to see me and I was super excited to see her. After all, my friends were darn near ready to kill each other and any distraction from that was welcome. Her friends and my friends immediately merged into a large group, saving us all from killing each other.

When MrShit found out I didn't drink, I think it weirded her out a little. It hadn't come up on the airplane. But we still quickly found ourselves really connecting. I gave her a shoulder rub. Milo was trying to hook it up with her friend Shontelle (not her real name but funny nonetheless). As the night progressed, MrShit and I became more and more friendly with each other. We danced. We kissed. We held hands. To be honest, I really liked hanging out with MrShit. I just felt an emotional connection with her. Eventually, MrShit and I and Milo and Shontelle ended up back at our suites. Milo had signalled to me that he intended to copulate with Shontelle. I made out with MrShit a bit in another room. Then she fell asleep and the heat got to me. I really liked spending time with MrShit but it was nearing 6:30 in the morning and I hadn't slept. I was exhausted. Figuring that Milo had been alotted plenty of time, I left MrShit sleeping and headed to the room I shared with him to figure out the situation. Apparently Milo and Shontelle were in the middle of their act when I entered the room. Milo tried to get rid of me and in the process, said something that offended Shontelle. She got up to leave and he begged her to come back saying "Shontelle, come back here." Well, Shontelle was not her real name and she was most displeased at being called by a different name. We woke up MrShit and they left on their merry way while Milo lamented to me about how awful he felt. I felt a little bit bad too but sleep was so necessary.

The rest of the trip occurred with very little incident. Upon returning home, all I could think about was MrShit. I found her on facebook and wrote her a message. She wrote back. She said how much fun she had with me and how great it was to meet me. It made me feel really good. I actually read through that message about 6 different times yesterday. I haven't felt this kind of emotional connection to someone in a long time. Of course, it just happened to be about the worst timing in the world. MrShit is moving to Hong Kong in less than two weeks for a study abroad. And she lives in a different state than me. And she drinks a fair amount. But spending time with her was so great. As I explained to Milo, it wasn't like all the pressure filled dates with Mormon girls. MrShit was excited to be with me then. She wasn't thinking 3 months or 3 years or 30 years or 300 years into the future. She was thinking about the now. I think that a lot of the girls I go on dates with are emotionally closed off. Sure they are friendly and have fun but they are guarded. They have walls put up and I hate them. MrShit had no such walls.

Now that it is over, and I will probably never see MrShit again, I can't stop thinking about her. I want to see her again. I want to talk to her more. I have a feeling she is going to push me away. Say something to the effect of "I am moving to Hong Kong and I don't want to get too attached to something here in the states right before I leave." I guess in the end, you live and die by the same principles. My connection with MrShit was born because of her short-sightedness and will probably die because of the same short-sightedness. But for a few brief hours, I was on top of the world.


  1. WHAT???? I was also in NOLA this past weekend but did not have near as exciting a time as you! Congrats, maybe it'll work out better than you think...

  2. you just had a for-real, movie-style, meet-cute. How does that happen? I swear it's only guys who get seated next to attractive people on flights.
    life is just unfair :P

  3. I'm glad I can live vicariously through you because cool stuff like this never happens to me. This is straight out of a movie! Write your name and number on a dollar bill, and if she finds it in Hong Kong then you'll know it's meant to be! Also, study abroads definitely don't last forever. She probably won't be gone for more than a couple months. No big deal right? My advice is to not freak her out or say anything weird or creepy because like you said, she probably is living in the here and now so you should pretend that you are as well. Keep in touch with her but don't pressure her at all to develop anything. Who knows, maybe fate shall align your wayward souls...

  4. I think you really set yourself up for heartache on this one. You have written what it is that you want in a girl, but it doesn't make sense. If you want a mormon girl then why do you keep going to bars and hanging out with that type of girl? You are looking in the wrong places. Our SP said that a good marriage has lots of dimensions (i.e. physical, emotional, spiritual, etc). If you base your marriage on only one of those dimension it is bound to fail. If you are trying to find a girl that will only be in the physical dimension it won't last. Eventually that will end or lose its luster and you have to have another dimension to keep it going. You can't just get a replacement wife every ten years. I've said it before, but obviously you need to figure out what you want. If religion, modesty, temple marriages, and standards don't do it for you then you are on the right track! Always said with love...:D

  5. i agree with Newtons...it doesn't make sense that if you are mormon you keep going for these girls that obviously are not. not saying that they aren't great people, but in the end they can't go with you to the temple if that is your ultimate goal in life. i know exactly what you are saying with people like MrShit and living in the now, but if you want to get married to a girl who will support you in your religion and not get weirded out by the fact that you don't drink...uhh...the correct answer is mormon :)

  6. Thanks for editing your title. It made my heart happy!

    And I'm at a loss as far as advice on this one goes. At least you're having fun!