Friday, May 11, 2012

Somewhere With You

On Wednesday, I had my second date with Mya.  Again, for whatever reason, I was super nervous beforehand.  I worried about running out of things to talk about.  I worried about saying something dumb.  Because it was a Wednesday night, I couldn't pick Mya up until after young mens.  So I got to her place at 8:30.  A date starting that late made dinner unwise.  So I didn't really have a solid plan.  I was going to take her to get ice cream and then maybe sit in the park and talk.

As we started out driving, it occurred to me that the house I lived in from when I was born to when I was 5 was nearby.  I called my dad and found the address and we began our search.   I was surprised how familiar some of the neighborhood was and how unfamiliar the house was.  I didn't recognize it hardly at all.  It was dark out and not in the nicest of neighborhoods so Mya and I decided it was best to not knock on the door and ask to see the house.

We went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream and then found a park.  I had a couple of blankets, so we climbed up in the playground and sat and talked.  I think we ended up sitting there talking for over 2 hours.  I didn't get the impression that Mya was bored (ugh, I hope she wasn't bored!).  We talked about her marriage and what went wrong.  We talked about what Mya wanted in the future.  I just felt like we had a lot of the same goals.  And of course, our humor just matches up.  We seem to get each other's jokes, which I really like.      As I thought about it, sitting in the park next to Mya with an ice cream cone talking, I was having the time of my life.  I was almost giddy.  On the drive home, we held hands.  I initiated it and worried instantly that maybe I had moved too soon.  But Mya held my hand back.  We got to her house and shared a great hug.  As we pulled away, the thought of kissing her was all that was on my mind.  But as we pulled away, her head was turned looking at her house.  Maybe it was a sign she wasn't ready to kiss me.  Maybe she thought someone was watching from the house.  Either way, no kiss.

On Thursday, Mya and I texted throughout the day.  We ask each other random questions.  Her random question was about me being LDS.  She wanted to know how involved I was and how much being LDS influenced my life.  After I told her, she told me that she likes a lot of things about the LDS church but there are a couple of things she doesn't think she can believe.  I wanted to ask her what those things were but I decided it was better to wait and let her tell me whenever she is ready.  I will admit, a part of me was hoping that Mya would want to join the church and that we could live happily ever after.  I guess mostly I was thinking of logistics.  Could I have a serious relationship with a girl that wasn't Mormon?  What sort of problems might it create in my life?  Even though I don't have all the answers, I told Mya that it didn't bother me that she wasn't Mormon.  Why?  Because Mya is solid.  She has more morals and values and personality than most Mormon girls I meet.  She is an excellent mom and I know she would be an excellent wife.  She is hard working and sensible and practical but has big dreams and high hopes.  In other words, she is amazing.

Second date with Mya rating: 9
Possibility of a third date with Mya: Very High (Scheduled for Saturday)

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