Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar

On Friday night, I had a date with Popcorn. I first met Popcorn six years ago when she was dating my roommate HandsomeRob. Back then, she was a 19 year old hair dresser that I didn't consider to be very smart. But we maintained our friendship over the years. Initially I texted her to see if she would go to the football game with me and the parentals on Saturday but Popcorn was working that night. She said she was free on Friday though, so I took it.

I was thinking about what to do on my date with Popcorn and I decided that I really wanted to go see this musical. So I told Popcorn to dress up. We ended up having a really fun time. Popcorn is fairly easy to talk to and looked great in her dress. I went home from the date feeling pretty hopeful about things (which hasn't happened in a long time).

On Saturday, I ended up being set up on a blind date with this girl Scooby by GetErDone. I don't really like to take dates with the parentals, especially blind dates but they had invited me to the football game and seemed intent that I take a date. Scooby ended up being really cool. She handled the conversation with my parents well. And didn't mind that I was a bit hyperactive at the football game either. But, Scooby is a couple years older than me. Honestly, I have a hard time with that. And while Scooby was definitely more attractive in person than in her pictures, I didn't feel that attracted to her during the date. Right now, I am kind of on the fence about taking her out again. Suggestions?

On Sunday, I had dinner with a family in my ward. They have this really cute daughter Foxtrot that is engaged. Her best friend Fanta was also there along with her boyfriend. Both girls are super cute. After dinner, we were outside playing a game. It was my turn to move and as I jumped, I uncontrollably farted. Everybody heard it and laughed. I was super embarrassed. I pretended to not care but am pretty sure I will forever be that guy that farted during the game. Still, being there made me feel like there are cute girls out there that aren't total snobs. I just don't know how to meet them.


  1. You're lucky both of those girls were already taken or you would be screwed right now! LOL! I got a bit of Scooby's background and she sounds really awesome. HOnestly what does age matter? You aren't really a spring chicken yourself and it would make you feel bad if someone ruled you out purely because of your age. Motivation and fitness are two very important things that Scooby has as well as class. To me that seems so obvious and more long term appealing then looking hot in a dress. For the record I heard Scooby was very pretty as well.

  2. It's been a long time since I've checked into your blog!! Still dating a ton? That's good! How do you think you've changed in the past year?

  3. Dear aLifeInBloom:

    How the heck are you? I still check your blog from time to time. But I can't always handle all the "look at me and my boyfriend kissing... we are so in love" pictures. Ha ha. I will write a blog post about how I have changed in the past year.

    Love Tripp