Monday, April 5, 2010

Singing waiters

Friday night was my second date with Spinster. I was a little nervous and thought it might affect the way I acted around her. As soon as I picked her up though, my nervousness went out the window. I just feel so calm around her. And funny. We went and saw this incredibly corny play and loved it. We joked with each other throughout and made fun of some the more awful parts of the play. Then we grabbed dinner. Because it was late, we were the only ones in the restaurant. Our waiter either a) had a thing for Spinster or b) was just really friendly. He told us all about olives from some show he watched on TV. I decided there were two ways to handle a situation like that. One is to get all jealous and close off. We all know how well that works. The other is to just go with it. So I asked Spinster if she thought we could get our waiter to sing for us. I offered him a little money but he declined. It was one of those italian places where you can write on the tablecloth with crayons. I took a $20 bill out of my wallet and wrote a note on the table saying it was his if he sang for the lady. He really didn't want to sing but called over another waiter with almost no singing ability. This guy was anxious to make a quick $20 and he proceeded to sing and dance to "Hey now, you're a rockstar" by Smash Mouth. It was pretty awesome.

I think it helped lighten the mood. As we were driving back to Spinster's place, she was talking about how she wanted a new car. I decided it would be fun to take a drive (with her driving) in my car. I was a little worried about her getting a ticket so I only pushed her to get up to 100 mph (if it were daytime, I surely would have encouraged her to approach 120 mph). Spinster loved it. I think the date had been going well before but definitely improved. I dropped her off, got a quick hug and headed home. Spinster sent me a text 25 minutes later saying "Thanks again! That was fun!" And it was fun.

I called her last night but she didn't answer. She texted me back saying she was watching a movie with her sister but suggested we talk on the phone tonight. She also texted GetErDone and said that she was interested in dating me. I know it isn't much but it made me feel good. I am thinking of asking her out on a third date for this Saturday.


  1. plenty of reason to feel good! i think you should definitely ask her out for a third date.

  2. Go Tripp Go! I hope you get your third date and that it goes just as well as the second, good luck!

  3. Dear singlemormonchick, DCFresh and Holly:

    Thanks for your positive comments. I have a third date set up with Spinster for this Saturday. It should be exciting.

    Love Tripp