Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party

So Samsonite bailed on my work Christmas party. About the same time, I received a random phone call from Lolita. Lolita and I used to date several years ago and we have been friends ever since. Lolita had been dating a guy for the past two years and she told me they had broken up. While fretting over who to ask, Lolita kept coming up.

Background on Lolita: Lolita and I became fast friends while on a hiking trip that I attended with her older brother. A few nights into the trip, Lolita and I shared an unexpected kiss. We were both really attracted to each other but due to circumstance, a long term relationship was not possible. Still, I have always felt super comfortable with Lolita. So I called her up and asked her to go with me.

Lolita showed up looking fantastic. We headed off to the fancy restaurant. I knew Lolita could handle meeting all my coworkers and dealing with a long dinner party as my guest. And she did great. She didn't get jealous when I talked to my coworkers. She jumped in and agreed with me when I argued that adultery was considered less of a bad thing in this country than lying. It was good that Lolita was there because after the dinner, I felt super embarrassed that I had maybe spoken too loudly in front of the other attorneys or been obnoxious. I didn't have to worry because Lolita is not the kind of person that would ever judge me for that sort of behavior.

I didn't hear from Samsonite for over a week. I had a decision to make. Text/call her again and risk looking like the kind of guy that gets walked over or just let it die. I always lean a little more towards being the guy that gets walked over. So I sent her a text saying that even though she wasn't responding to my texts, I hoped things were going well for her and that I had fun when I was with her. She responded the next day with some bull excuse about how she had been so busy at work, she barely had time to breathe. At first, it seemed positive. I knew that she had been working 14 hour days and that she was under a lot of pressure. But then, I remembered that I had seen several facebook posts from her over the past week. And, she certainly didn't work on Sunday. So I decided to not text her back.


  1. A wise decision. And as for being obnoxious in front of other attorneys... come one, they're attorneys. ;) JUST KIDDING. (I can make those jokes,I have two in my family.)
    Probably a dumb question, but is there any possibility with Lolita?

  2. Dear jenerator:

    So you are saying that attorneys are obnoxious? I would say attorneys are usually more dry than they are obnoxious.

    It's not a dumb question. I think Lolita is great. But at this stage in the game, we come from completely different worlds. She is done with the church and not sure if she believes in God. Plus she just moved out from living with her boyfriend. Also, I don't think Lolita could ever have feelings for me again. She was in love with me. She told me she would do anything for me. And I dumped her.

    Love Tripp

  3. Well sounds like the adventures continue. I like Lolita, but sounds like that is not clean cut...